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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by UDawg
Ya see I don't get this. Why is having your own dungeon bad? I hate waiting in line to kill a boss that only spawns twice a day. Now taking raid number 275! LOL no thanks. Just get a group going and have all the time you want on your bosses and loot. The bosses respawn so the whole premiss is not realistic and only the bigger guild have the luxury to camp high end bosses. That is bull pucky. Only hard core EQ types like world dungeons. The rest don't.
Well, Udawg that's a "tad" extreme In wow the timers are set to a week or so and you get a respawn of the dungeon.

In EQ/Vanguard style open dungeons, the dungeon repops quickly so that you can do it over again quickly and the bosses repop every couple of days. This translates into a guild conceivably being able to do said dungeon more often and gain power/items faster.

Now I know you say that you have to compete with other guilds and that's where community building comes into play. The leaders of the guilds actually powerful enough to "do" a certain dungeon will coopertate and set up a server rotation for them and may even team up to co-op the dungeons in an effort to learn how to do it.

You will say that instances mean you don't have to bother with that and there there are no limits on who can try the dungeon but I've never seen too many issues with guilds not being willing to give another guild a shot at the boss. If the new guild fails, then the boss is still there so the established guild has lost nothing.

Then you have to factor in the sheer number of dungeons. Compare how many VG has now in it's early state to what WoW has now and I'm pretty sure VG already has more total.

That's how Sigil/Verant/SOE get around the **** blocking is by having MANY dungeons available to do so that while one guild is working one, the other guilds can work the others and this rotation works! It's been proven 100%.

My old EQ guild was able to have major raids every night of the week and not be able to do all the raiding content available.

There's ups and downs depending on how you choose to look at each approach.

Is the glass half full or empty?
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