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Default Re: Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific gone gold

THe graphics are awesome ,the gameplay could be too ,but unfortunately the naval war in pacific is anything but exciting..

Americans could have won the naval war without using a single submarine , since japan lost their airforce backing up their naval fleet very soon in the conflict ,neither they had radars or developed early antisubmarine warfare .So your enemy in SH4 will be one that for most of the time will not be able to see you ,neither atack if you are underwater. i think american subs were more used for target practice againts merchants ships.To showcase that they also had Germany most sucessfull weapon in the second war. This game while graphically impressive doesnt have 1/10 of the challenges faced by germans U-boats in second world war . Historically speaking could be worse ,i mean did americans ever lost submarines in real battles in that war ?

They can however make a more arcadish game and give Japan technology they never had in the conflict , but thats kills the realism ,the reason it makes more fun the game.

Hopefully someone will make a mod to bring back the fight to the atlantic. perhaps ..wishfull thinking .
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