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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Alright, after watching this video I've changed my opinion a little.

I think WoW is just one of those games you have to see in motion, and I can accept that. I liked what I saw from that video.. I like the art direction and how crazy the design is. It's definitely a far cry from the path they took with Vanguard, so I can see why so many of you find it hard to change. They look like two completely different games.

WoW looks more fast-paced.. almost like a platformer. Vanguard is slower and more methodical, more life-like.

I think I'm of the same opinion as Tyger--both are good games. One decides to take one approach and the other decides to take a completely different approach to MMOs. I like them both. I like Vanguard's realistic look and feel, but I've always been a fan of fantasy-like craziness like you see in WoW.

So when all is said and done, I'll probably own all 3. Vanguard, WoW, and EQ2.

And then I will officially give up my entire life, because I barely get anything done as it is with just Vanguard.
Some of the best times I've had in WoW is just running around the country side flagged and seeing what happens. Some time huge fights errupt and it is a blast.

I am glad you understand the graphics in WoW. You are correct that they are cartoony but the graphics lend it's self to this game and its pace. I don't think Vanguard with its great graphics could handle that sort of fast pace. To much is going on at once and you can be dead before you know it. As you said, you really have to experience it to understand it.

I still think Vanguard looks great. I really like it. The only think I like visually are the cities. They are bland to me but I absolutely love out in the world and in the wild. It is great.

I tell you what, if you pick up WoW hop on to the Elune server. I will bring you into my guild and help you on your way. If ya don't like it then bail. It's all cool to me. Tyger and his guild were great to me when I was trying out Vanguard. It was a lot of fun.

BTW check this game out.

This is where it is going to be at for me. I am so jazzed about this game. It will be DX10 and blow Vanguard away in the graphics department. You can pillage whole cities build cities ect. It looks amazing. Check out the videos. I love the dark look to it. This is my type of MMO. If this came out at the same time as WoW, I wouldn't give WoW the time of day.
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