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Default Re: Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific gone gold

Originally Posted by AlphaWolfII
Americans could have won the naval war without using a single submarine

You ignorance of the subject is quite breathtaking.

US submarines sank 55% of the total tonnage while accounting for 1.6% of the fleet. In addition to sinking the Shinano (the largest carrier built during the war), they sank 214 naval ships & submarines. All while plagued with inferior torpedoes.

So your enemy in SH4 will be one that for most of the time will not be able to see you ,neither atack if you are underwater

Yet somehow Japan managed to sink 52 submarines at the cost of 4,023 lives.

doesnt have 1/10 of the challenges faced by germans U-boats in second world war

I'll take Mush Morton or Dick O'Kane against any nazi ANYTIME!!


Again Americans could have won the naval war without using a single submarine.. Subs only helped to make things easier for *their already powerfull surface fleet *. You seems to believe that without american subs ,the americans navy surface fleet had never suceed againts japan navy. a Navy that had not very effective radar ,sonar or anti submarine warfare an until very late in the war and that was greatly outnumbered 10 to 1 in battleships .

The major challenges and casualties by far for the americans were made by the battles on land and and by the japan kamikaze airforce. Once you lose your airforce so quick in the battle ,your surface navy is merely a target for shooting practice . I would like to know your enlighting theory about how much dificult was the life for the AN than the JN in the second world war. Lol!

My point is not to discuss history but about the game ,that while Sh4 could be fun ,and looks impressive ,it will be the a lot more challeging and fun , if it was made the game again in the atlantic improving the dymamic campaing and better if they give you the option to pick your side. Where the allies fought againts german navy. And where the germans were extremely sucessfull early in the war blocking the naval trafic to europe.
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