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Default RE: Sticky "Installing NFORCE Drivers".

Just to make sure I understand the sticky by Netlama, the driver I would be installing is for the nVidia Nforce 570 SLI chipset on a Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 motherboard? The problem I have is I picked up a high dollar computer for a friend who wanted Win XP and Linux on it and I was only able to install XP. Mandriva Linux 2007 would not even attempt to load. The kernel is 2.6.17. And according to Gigabyte, nVidia would possibly have any patches I would need to get the motherboard to accept Mandriva Linux. So, there might be another problem. How would I install any type of driver if I can't even install Linux?? And if that ain't the right driver point me to the right one.

Later. Pepse.
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