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Default Asus NForce2 A7N8X Deluxe

Woops I'm blind, right at the top of the forum was an A7N8X sticky post lol. Ok well I do still have one question then, anyone know if I can use the info in the link in that post to get either Suse or Debian working right? I would just do Redhat but they want me to pay 60 bucks to download it.

Can anyone tell me if I'm going to have driver problems trying to install Linux on a system with this motherboard? I saw NForce drivers at the Nvidia site but it looks like they might only be for NForce boards and not NForce2. I will be installing either Suse or Debian (latest version of either). What about problems with the onboard Nvidia LAN.....Realtek chip on the Asus boards.

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