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The short answer would be yes, but it's not really that bad.
The A7N8X deluxe has two network interfaces (3Com and nVidia, the Realtek chip is just the media interface). The 3Com is supported by SuSE 8.2 out of the box (in 8.1 a patched driver was required). For the nVidia NIC you need the nvnet binary-only driver from the nVidia website (those drivers are for nForce and nForce2 and work equally well in SuSE 8.1 and 8.2).

If you are using an nVidia video card also install the nVidia display drivers otherwise check the agpgart thread in this forum for a solution to getting 3D working with nForce2 chipsets. Just install the SuSE kernel-source package and apply the patch from nonolk to build a working agpgart module.
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