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Default Re: (Debian 3.1r4) ERROR: Unable to load the kernel module 'nvidia.o'.

Originally Posted by netllama
We're aware that the website is misleading (and are working to correct it), however the driver README does accurately document which GPUs are supported in which driver release.
No offense, but someone who is told that they have a legacy card, goes to, and downloads the latest legacy driver listed there (after reading that drivers README), is not going to know that there's a 1.0-9631. Instead, they will continue to believe (justifiably) that 1.0-7184 is the latest driver for their card.

So please help me understand how this README is helping users download the correct driver?

Once they determine that there is a newer driver (if they determine that) they actually have to use a search engine to locate the page for their driver.

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