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Default Re: CoolIT Freezone/Eliminator Thread

Hi all - first post here.. lol. I just got a freezone last night and took my whole pc apart to try and get it in there and for the life of me I could not find a way to get it installed in this TJ09.. the large bar on the side would block the top of the cooler so it would not sit flush on the back 120mm hole.. if I changed the 120mm bracket around so there was more room at the top, the bottom would hit my PWM sinks.. crappy. anyone have this issue? I can't mount it in the top 120mm holes because any way I slice it, it's going to hit either my memory, or hit the mobo tray corner support arm.. I pretty much gave up last night and was going to just put it up for sale.. but I thought I would try and see if others have found a solution..

One thing I just thought of, I could mount it on the back of the 120mm fan which would space the cooler back far enough to clear the big aluminum brace.. but then it will be very close to being right over the cooler post anchors.. but it might just work that way.. I think I might have to gut a fan out tho.. because even with the "flat" screws those screw heads stick up kinda far.. anyways..

So what have others done to get theirs into the TJ09? any pics?

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