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Default Re: I must be lokoing at something wrong here?

Originally Posted by SlieTheSecond
Hmm I don't quite think you understand what is affected by raising your FSB.

When you up your fsb you overclock your fsb, your cpu and your ram. Unless you lower the multiplier or change the ratios.

If you do know, then ignore this. If you don't know, then I suggest reading some articles before proceeding further.

Thanks! I know, I just like the idea of the system ruuning better overall.

What has always puzzled me is if change my multiplier to say 8 from 9 and raise the fsb doesnt that still affect the ram the same? IE I thought the multiplier DIDNT have a effect on ram..

So if I have to raise my FSB more IE 1400 isnt the ram affected the same no matter what the multipier is?
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