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Default nvidia drivers don't work with newer XFree and/or linux kernel

Hello everybody,

I had SuSE 8.1, standard install and kernel,
successfully got latest RPM from NVIDIA.
Everything works perfectly (TUX, GL-117, BZFLAG....).

I have Siemens Scaleo 600, P4, GForce4 MX 440.

Recently I got new Mandrake 9.1
but still did not succeed with X locking up
as soon as I type startx. I tried several XFConfigs,
one old from SuSE, new driver installer, old rpm based drivers...
nothing helps. For me it seems to be a problem of
new kernel shipped with MDK 9.1 or new XFree 4.3.
I will try older kernel with older modules on MDK.

If it worked perfectly with SuSE 8.1 should not it work
with MDK 9.1???
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