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Default Re: I must be lokoing at something wrong here?

Originally Posted by Scar13
I am just a little confused on why turn the multiplier back to say 8? and then have a fsb of 425 since your ram is still going to see 425 x2
conroes perform better with the system having a higher bus speed. run some pi tests and find out for yourself. the difference is not jawdroppingly significant but it is there.

I was thinking it is just easier to rase mine to 1300 / 4 = 325 X mulitplier of 9 = 2.9 ghz and my ram which is ddr 800 would see a fsb of 650 which is well in tolerant range correct?
in that case your fsb would be 325, not 650. the memory would clock in at 650, not the bus.

...and 650 fsb? dream on. that is extremely rare. even the intel based chipsets max out around 600.

however what you are suggesting (fsb 325) is perfectly within range.
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