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Default A7N8X Deluxe won't install Suse 8.2, help please?

I'm trying to install Suse 8.2 and have downloaded the install ISO from two different sites and burned it at 2 different speeds using Nero but I can't get the thing to install. First it will only boot from my CD-RW and not my DVD-ROM, then when selecting any of the 3 install options from the boot manager, all I get is a black screen, not an off monitor, a black screen. Can anyone help here? System specs follow...................

Asus A7N8X Deluxe (NForce 2) motherboard
AMD XP2600
1gig RAM
20Gig Maxtor HD with 3 gigs unpartitioned space for Linux
2 80Gig striped WD drives on a Promise TX2 IDE RAID controller
MSI Geforce FX5800 Ultra

I don't know if any of my hardware could be causing a conflict or something. Anybody have ideas? Thanks

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