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Default Re: How do I upscale DVDs on my PC to play on my HDTV LCD???

Originally Posted by GamerGuyX
Ah what a terrible analogy.

Next you'll be telling me you stick with RF adapters for all your equipment because the benefits of something like component video or HDMI aren't worth the extra work.

What extra work? If I have the choice I'll use HDMI because it's a single plug. It actually simplifies the process of getting better PQ. Using FFDShow does not simplify things. It's a convoluted mess.

Maybe my problem is that part of my job involves writing technical documenation for commerical Audio-Video systems? Here's a pic of just the amp cabinets (the processing equipment - bin loops, DSPs, audio routers, controllers, etc. - are in a seperate row of cabinets) for a project I worked on recently:

I get enough A/V complexity on the job. I don't need it at home too. Using FFDShow is way too much like work.
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