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Default Re: Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific gone gold

I think he means that submarine warfare in the Pacific didn't have a decisive impact on the war's outcome.

Of course they did. They sank 55% of the total tonnage of Japanese ships. Would the US still have won? I think so, but it would have taken more time (years?) and lives to do so.

Had the Germans won the Battle for the Atlantic the war's outcome might have been quite different.

Would it have slowed down the effort? Sure. But there's a multitude of reasons I don't think this is true. First, there are airplanes. They're tough to sink with a torpedo. Second, Germany was already fighting a two-front war in Europe. Invading Russia in the winter? Just plain stupid. This is what happens when you have an idiot for a leader who bases his decisions on preconceived emotions instead of facts (sound familiar?).

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