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Default Vanguard: Things I wish I had known when I started

Ok a long time ago (few months after EQ2 came out) someone made an official forum thread with the same title. I've farted around for a couple of hours now and I have so many questions. Even being a very experienced EQ1/EQ2/WoW player, the game is still a bit overwhelming at first. Maybe being a total newb would have been better than starting out with all this other MMO crap in my head

Maybe some of you guys/gals that have been in this game awhile now have some tips and general knowledge pointers?

I know almost nothing, but here goes. Maybe if people start adding things I can combine all the tips up on this 1st post as time goes on (or maybe this is a stupid idea)?

-To drag a spell icon, left click and hold down for about 2 full seconds, then move it.

-You can move while casting, you just need to keep the Mob (NPC) tarted in a 180 degree forward arch of your charcter for the spell to fire

-You get a pet (abomination) at level 4
-This pet operates a lot like EQ2 and WoW pets
-At level 10 you can start collecting body parts for this pet
-These body parts allow you to customize your pet (damage, tanking, etc)
-Interview with the Necro class designer:

SOE is going to start hosting their own Vent servers. Possibly only for Station Pass subscribers.
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