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Default 1.0-9755 installation broken ?

It seems like the 9755 files end up in the wrong location.
After installation, I've found Nvidia files in $LOCALBASE instead of $XBASE.
The driver wasn't installed at all.

I googled a bit and learned that some Linux distros with the new X11R7 RC* use $LOCALBASE for the Xorg libs,
and the module path for X11R7 RC* on FreeBSD is $XBASE/lib/xorg/modules, instead of $XBASE/lib/modules.

Having absolutely no clue of any advanced Unix stuff, my options were limited.
Desperate as I was, I created an empty /usr/X11R6/lib/xorg/modules directory with a symlink to /usr/X11R6/modules,
and installed the driver with "make all install XBASE=/usr/X11R6".

And it worked.

Could it be that the programmer was just as confused at me - with all the new X-stuff,
or did I do something wrong in the first place ?
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