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Default Re: Vanguard: Things I wish I had known when I started

If you want to hotlink a weapon or item in chat, [shift-left click item] and drag to the chat box

Make a Macro [Assist Button as example]
Right click on a blank spot on your hotbar. For the first line typ your message [/group Now assisting %TD]. On the next line [/assist %TD]. Then choose an icon and accept.
%TD = Defensive Target
%TO = Offensive Target
%TO can be used as an "Incoming" macro. Type [/group incoming %TO]

If you can't find your corpse and your waypoint is messed up : Find the general area of your cropse and type [/targetmynextcorpse]. If looking for another persons cropse type [/targetnextcorpse]. You can of course make a macro to do this as well.

If a corpse is "stuck" in the world, or you can't reach it, you can throw them a rope to drag the corpse to you (corpse drag won't work if corpse is "stuck"). Type [/rope] while targeted on the corpse.

God Mode [/BRAD]
Satan Mode [/SOE]

Kidding on the last 2 of

On Any Given Sunday!
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