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Default Vanguard: Server / Character & to PVP or PVE

Wow, I'm having trouble here.

I have no idea what PVP is like yet. I also have no idea if there's anything like WoW's Battlegrounds planned for the PVE servers. I looks like there's only one PVP Group server and one PVP FFA server.

Personally (work / wife / blah / blah) not even knowing what the PVP Group server is, it sounds like a write off. With not getting but maybe 10-20 or so hours a week to play, a true PVP server can be a bit harsh (so many with such better gear).

I really like how WoW's PVE servers ended up where you could still do Battlegrounds when you wanted PVP action. But nothing beats that rush of being out in the world and anything goes.

Heck, I have so much to learn about the game. There seems to be 3 sides to it. Is FFA totally FFA or can you not attack the (1/3) starting group you're in. That's what I'd assume.

I'm not for sure where to settle in right now. So far I've been trying multiple classes for a few levels on different servers.
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