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Default Re: Toshiba HD-A20 (1080p) $449 shipped + 7 free HD DVDs!

Originally Posted by OWA
I realize you're a little pickier than I am when it comes to movies but Chronicles of Riddick, Batman Begins, Serenity, The Scorpion King and King Kong are 5 more that you could get. Even if you don't particularly like the movies, they're still good movies for showing off hi-def/HT systems (imo, anyway).
Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch Black... there we go... 2 more. Batman Begins is good, but I have seen the disk and it is way soft... but then again if it was free...

EDIT: And I hate Serenity, Scorpion King, and King Kong... King Kong was so stupid... so many things that make you ask "Why?"
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