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Default Re: beryl black windows bug

Originally Posted by macemoneta
You have the bug, you probably just have more memory in your video card. It will take longer for you to experience the problem as a result, but you eventually will.

If you don't want bugs fixed, that's cool. However, sometimes people that pay for equipment have a level of expectation that is different from yours.

At the #1 video vendor, there are no such complaints. Intel's video works great with Beryl. Oh, and no driver needs to be installed by an end-user, since the code is part of X. If you find a bug, you can report it and track it, interacting with the developers directly. That lets you know that progress is being made, and lets the developers know that a given bug is important to the community.

Beryl isn't "Nvidia's baby", but the AIGLX implementation, which is broken, is. Fix it.
Be that as it may, I haven't seen it yet, maybe it does have to do with the video ram.

As far as my equipment and expectations, paid for and maybe higher than yours, so of course I would like to see bugs fixed. But I still haven't seen the bug.