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Default CPU at 100% utilization when viewing flash objects

Configuration: I have an Nvidia GeForce Go 6800 with 256MB on a Dell Inspiron 9300 notebook with 2GB RAM, and Windows XP media center edition with SP2.

Problem: Web pages with Flash objects on them causes my CPU utilization to go up to 100% of capacity. The result is that my notebook is brought down to its knees, crawling and gasping. The problem seems to be specific to viewing Flash objects. For example, even the Nvidia home page with it's flash animation at the banner brings my CPU utilization to about 50%, with a fluctuation up and down of about 20%. If I open a few pages like that, then it's curtains. This happens even if there are no animations, such as when flash objects (.swf files) are used for audio with no video. The browser I primarily use is Firefox, but it's even worse with IE7. Firefox has extensions that enables blocking flash and graphics in general, and that brings the CPU down to normal. So it seems clear that the way the video card handles these graphics is the problem. Blocking the graphics would be a solution (though not a happy one), except that I subscribe to a language podcast that uses flash (.swf) that you click on to hear the audio, so blocking it means that I wouldn't be able to listen to the audio. This problem occurs without playing the audio, just bringing up any page with flash objects is what causes the problem. The greater the number of flash objects, the worse the problem. And Iíve opened pages locally offline, so Iíve eliminated the internet as an issue. Further, Iíve run quite a bit of virus and spyware software, and thatís just not the cause. Thereís no evidence that thereís anything else wrong with my notebook other than this.

Any help would be appreciated.
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