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Default New installer vs. 2.4.20: nvidia.o (graphics) = nvidia.o (nForce IDE)

Puzzled why our new Linux machine with NV30 (Quadro 2000 FX?),
RH 7.2, XF86 4.2.0, NVidia 4349 from new installer, didn't work:
claiming it couldn't initialize the
kernel driver even though lsmod listed
"nvidia" as loaded!

Finally noticed: I'd built the 2.4.20 kernel with
IDE driver for the NVidia motherboard chipset.
Our motherboard doesn't have
one, but I figured it was harmless to
enable it.

Not so: the name of that module is, yes,
"nvidia.o", the same name as the graphics
driver!! So when the kernel autoloaded
"modprobe nvidia", it got the wrong module.

So Nvidia installer designers, could you
maybe change the module name?
nvidiagfx.o, say? You might argue that it
wouldn't make sense
to plug an NVidia graphics card into an NForce motherboard,
but others (including software distro builders)
might do just what I did and
cause trouble.
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