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Default SOLVED: Separate X screen dualhead no go


am trying to set up my linuxbox so i can have
both my Acer monitor and my Sony LCDTV connected.
I have tried to set it up by using NVIDIA X server settings.
But my X server fails when trying to start it. :-(

Pclinuxos 2007
GF6600GT with 2xDVI
Acer AL1916W 1440x900
Sony KLD-32S2520 1360x768

They are both connected with a DVI => Vga plug.

Heres my log file.

Heres my xorg.conf

The strange thing is that i dont see any error i the log file.

I got picture on both screens when no X is running.

I can activate "clone" and Twinview with Nvidia X server settings.
And the clone works.
But if i save to xorg.conf and try to start again. Then this fails too.

Hope someone can help.

Best Regards

Søren Helskov

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