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Default Cool in win, 80+ Celcius in Linux - Go 6150


I ran Windows for a while (Until I hit the "wall" of its usefullness) so I nuked it an d I am running linux on my HP Pavilion dv2000 laptop.

Well, something is different enough between the two OS's that now my graphics card (Geforce Go 6150) is burning up anywhere around 80 to 90c!
(No, it is not overclocked)

I have not changed position or moved or anything - the only difference is the operating system.

Any ideas - is there a speed throttling program or anything I can do to tone it down? I don't run super-duper quake III or anything.

Oh, I also ran it on the regular NV drivers and it STILL gets hot.

Please help, my palm is starting to get 2nd degree burns!
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