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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

I've heard of pallies who complain about how over-powered shammies are. And then I've heard shammies complain the same about pallies. So take your pick... As to raiding, I'd go with a different class however, unless one's heavy into healing. Standing back and healing just isn't my thing...

Priests also add some interesting possibilities when PvPing in horde areas (and I don't mean X-roads). Rather places like Thunderbluff, Freewind Post, and areas the alliance traditionally ignores. Namely it has to do with a bridge, a cliff, mind control, and releasing the person after they're in free fall Odd that so many don't think of that; including people who tried to do what my alliance guild has done, over on my horde realm. But unlike my alliance guild (who was waving goodbye and laughing as they knocked people off the cliff), couldn't quite figure out how to work with the geography. That combined with them bringing lvl 20s to a raid had be rolling in my chair, and laughing my arse off
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