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Default blurriness when playing 1080i content @ 1080i


I've been trying to figure out some problems I'm having when playing 1080i content when the Nvidia driver is configured to play at 1920x1080i.

When I don't deinterlace (in mythtv or mplayer or xine) the 1080i video the playback is smooth but will be blurry for 15 seconds, then non-blurry for 15 seconds, then blurry again for 15 seconds, then non-blurry for 15 seconds, ... If I deinterlace the image the playback is not smooth but there is no blurriness (regardless of deinterlacing technique). I have a dual core AMD64 3800. The CPU isn't working too hard regardless of settings.

The blurriness only happens around action. Anything that is static won't be blurry. Imagine a field with a giant logo in the middle and people running around on it. If the camera is locked then the people will be blurry but the logo will look fine. If the camera pans then the logo may look blurry along with the people running around.

All other content (480i, 480p, 720p) plays and looks fine. If I configure X to be at 720p then everything will look fine (except that 1080i content shows a lot of shimmering and jagginess).

I have an Nvidia 6200TC. It is connected to my CRT RPTV with a DVI cable. Nvidia driver is 1.0.9755. This also occurs with 1.0.9746. Earlier drivers had other problems and I couldn't get any playback with them.

Mostly I just want to know if anyone knows what this blurriness is and how/if I can get rid of it? I've tried numerous permutations of my .nvidia-settings-rc with no success. If I can get rid of this than playback will be perfect when playing 1080i content at 1080i.

I should point out I had problem exactly as described in this thread:
(a short summary: if I relied on EDID information I'd get a 1920x540 screen (i.e. half the height of the screen was missing), so I doubled the vertical information in a custom modeline to be able to get 1080i on my 1080i tv).

I don't know that this is a driver issue. I've attached an nvidia-bug-report for grins.

Thank you.
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