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Default Zalman CNPS9500LED temps too damn high.

Okay, specs are all in sig, using Arctic silver 5.

Vcore set at 1.4 in BIOS, actual is ~1.35, CPU at 3.2ghz.

Temps just messing around in windows is 50C flat, games go to about 57C and Orthos around 65C. System is perfectly stable, but these temps just seemed f*cked to me. Ive tried reseating the heatsink, reapplying AS5. I'm not an idiot and Ive built rigs since I was 13, so it cant possibly be the way I'm mounting it. Does this heatsink just suck this bad? I'd much rather see it idling at 40 and orthos at 55.

Using coretemp btw. TAT corresponds with coretemp so i just use coretemp. BIOS reads it as like 75C from a coldboot. Does this seem screwed to anyone else?
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