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Default Re: Nvidia overwriting Red Hat supplied libGL?

There are no graphics cards that offer 3D acceleration both under DRI and NVidia's binary drivers.

It is an issue when you move an OS installation to a different PC and/or switch graphics cards. I faced that several times.

There is really no good solution for this, and actually it is much worse, if you get a new (the .so is the realy problem, not the .a) via yum or apt-get updates then it kills the NVidia installation. I had that just last weekend, and it actually was friendly enough to kill my X11 server (NVidia driver but DRI

I also don't know what happens when you have a dual-card system with one NVidia card and one DRI-capable card. I guess that doesn't work at all, just as NVidia doesn't allow you to mix e.g. a GF 5200 with a GF 6200 in one system.

The only real solution would be to replace with a dynamic loader that loads whatever actual is needed in the current situation (after asking the X11 server), and have DRI and NVidia store their where they don't nuke each other.

A poor man's implementation of that could be to have an /etc/rc script symlinking for the same effect, at system boot time. But that is more fragile. Maybe it should be an option.

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