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Default Re: Zalman CNPS9500LED temps too damn high.

Originally Posted by stevemedes
I really dont even want to deal with RMA at this point. I think I still have some high grit sandpaper in my basement left over from when I painted my case so maybe this week I'll sand it down. What I'll probably do is just buy a Tuniq Tower or one of those Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme's. I've had really good experience with Thermalright products in the past.
Well the Tuniq Tower is definitely working wonders on my E6600. I have been at 3.5ghz @ 1.41V now for several days and it idles at 33-34C and is mid 40's at gaming and mid 50's on Orthos. Much better than my Zalman 7700. Ultra 120's are supposed to be great too. Good luck!
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