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Default Re: Who's Using Debian 64?

The integration of 32 bit software is indeed the major pain in the Allerwertesten in Debian and Debian derivates.

I need two 32 things:

1) a Mozilla Firefox chain with plugins (I use the same one on 32bit and 64 bit Linux and FreeBSD, the same tarball).

2) xine/mplayer with 32 bit Windows decoder dlls.

I found that I can solve problem 2) by compiling a couple libraries myself into /usr/local32 and then carefully construct the ./configure line for wine and things work.

Number 1) however is completely wrecked between Debian stupidity and GNOME stupidity and there seems to be no way to relocate where GNOME expects some of the *.so files (such as, in particular no environment variable. So I ended up with number 1) in a chroot, which is a total pain.

I'm really not happy about the state of things here.

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