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Default max resolution of a 7900GS with vesafb


I just want to know the highest resolution my 7900GS offers.

I run it with vesafb (nvidiafb doesn't work with the drivers of course, and vesafb-tng doesn't work with amd64) and can't get it to more than 1280x1024. Whatever mode I enter larger than 794 I get only "wrong modeline"... I know vesafb can do more - I run it e.g. in 1400x1050 (with vga=838) on my notebook (but there with an ATI Card).

Is 1280x1024 really the best resolution my card has to offer, or what's the trick to get more out of it? I'd really like to use the native res of my screen, 1600x1200.

Could it be possible that vesafb can only do more than that in 32 bit mode?
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