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Default Re: beryl black windows bug

I'm sick of this bug too. So many months. 9755 on a 6200 card. Next time I'll buy an intel card. People, be warned!

With ubuntu edgy's, you can use AIGLX; it works without the bug but it is painfully slow, because it does not use the card acceleration.

Nvidia guys: your total disregard for linux users is making me sick.

Thanks so much for doing nothing to solve this problem.

Originally Posted by jellyfish7800gt
I confirm this bug with the 9755 drivers on a 8800 gts (640 MB ram). Unfortunately it doesn't take very long for me to experience this bug with far less than 40 windows open (more like 3-4 will do it).

I have triple-buffering turned on in my xorg.conf, I'm thinking of turning it off, maybe that will reduce the memory used so that I won't see the bug as often.

The copy rendering path is horribly slow so I won't be using it.

Beryl is using the nvidia driver directly on my computer. Does anyone know if this bug happens when Beryl uses XGL or AIGLX as rendering platforms?
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