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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Wow did they smooth out Hathor Zhi.

I just ran through the city @ 1680x highest quality 16x AF and got no large pauses from chunking. As a mattter of fact my FPS didn't dip a lot at all when entering new areas. Usually I'd get red FPS crashes when moving from one area to another while it was loading or chunking. Some times the pauses were longer than others. By red FPS I mean watching the in game FPS monitor that comes up when you use ctrl+p. Red numbers = critical low, Yellow = low and marginally acceptable and green = acceptable.

I still get red fps pauses out doors when loading|chunking as I pan around to suddenly load many things behind me. It's very brief though.

I'll repeat for 8800 owners; disable bloom and use HDR instead. That helped smooth the game for me and actually added FPS. The 8800 is a HDR beast. It does very well with it.

I am running it on Vista x64 with the latest drivers. Supposedly the game can take advantage of a x64 OS. I don't remember the specifics and Brad has stated it a few times in the past. I believe he plays the game on Win XP Professional x64. Of course that could be BS.

I use Vista x64 for on line games and any time I am connected to the internet. (Browsing etc) For older games and Oblivion I boot up MCE 2005 instead. I miss my HDR + AA too much and MCE 2005 still has the best OGL and DX9 performance at the moment.
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