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Ooops, it did it again. NvAGP = 0 didn't help.

I even found a way to reproduce it:

I start KWrite from a Panel and then I resize the integrated console and Freeze. With the same symptoms all of you described: No keyboard input possible, PS/2 mouse still moves (but it doesn't mode to the other screens), and high system load by X.

here my specs:

- video card : ATI AIW Radeon 7500 and GeForce 2MX 420 PCI Dual Head
- driver version : 1.0-4363
- distribution : Slackware 9.0/81 (Build OS: Linux 2.4.20 vanilla K7 [ELF])
- processor : Athlon XP2000+ (Palomino)
- motherboard model : QDI/Legend Kudoz 7A (Via KT333)
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