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Default Re: Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific gone gold

Originally Posted by agentkay
As much as it saddens me I have to speak out a purchase warning for SH4. I checked out the official forums and it seems the 3D engine is still locked at 1024x768 and doesnīt support FSAA for both Nvidia and AMD.

Once its out in my video rental, I will run extented tests (with Nhancer etc.) and see if FSAA can be somehow activated but I donīt have much hope. I donīt understand why Ubisoft Romania didnīt manage to upgrade their engine to support AA and a higher resolution, especially because it doesnīt take a genuis that a limitation like that hurts sales like crazy.
Did it sound like speculation or something that is confirmed? No way I'm getting a game that is locked at 1024x768. Why would they do that?
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