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Default Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Feedback Thread

I agree with the scores from IGN and GameSpot. Myself, I would give it a 8.5.

(1) The game runs great on my PC. The game is very accurate about what the recommended PC spec is and when I met it, it ran greatly as stated.

(2) Graphics and art design. The textures are detailed, the environment is very well made, and the atmosphere and mood of the game are awesome.

(3) Storytelling style. I like the main quest + numerous side quests approach. Unlike the main quest for Oblivion, I find STALKER's main quest more engaging and interesting.

Not all of the side-quests are fun or interesting but a few of them are pretty cool. I like the sidequests that involves my character to join a band of allies to repel an invasion or to invade an enemy base. Also, some side quests reward you with awesome armor and weapons. For instance, it was the side quests that allowed me to upgrade my body armor to something decent (one is on a cross in the Bar compound and the other was given by the Barkeep after you bring him some artifact).

(4) Shooting ballistics. I agree with GameSpot's take on the ballistics of gunplay. At the beginning of the game, it can be frustrating as your character can't hit worth ****. But, once you find better weapons with greater accuracy, damage, and handling, the shooting becomes more like Far Cry's style.

(1) Bugs. I've encountered three bugs so far. One of them, I can live with. The other two are very annoying. The one that doesn't bother me much is the one that crashes the game to the desktop only occasionally. Since it happened to me only twice so far, with about 8 hours of gameplay logged, I'm "okay" with it. I'm sure the patches will clean this up.

The other two are very annoying. One bug sometimes accelerates how fast time in the game goes by and it ends up starving your character to death.

The other bug my least-liked one, is when you complete the sidequests and claim your reward, the same sidequests reappear. The NPCs seem to forget that I've already completed the quests but they ask for the same thing over and over again.

Overall, though, I'm highly enjoying this game. I'm not normally into FPS games but I'm hooked into this one. Only if Boiling Point was as good as STALKER.

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