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Default Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by XxDeadlyxX
Sigh, I rang up my EB today and he said 'yes its in stock to get'... then I went into the store, and he says he has to make a call to the manager, so he does, then he comes back saying 'sorry, cant give them out today, come back tomorrow, for the trouble I'll give you $10 more off'.
Hard luck, my eb guys are nice guys. They often take my word on price matches even when they haven't heard about it before and this time they were selling stalker copies early.

Anyway I've played a little and have had no bugs so far (touch wood), the AI seems pretty good so far both enemy and friendly. Crouch move around corners along with ducking away when reloading. The dogs too when shot go crazy, they might run towards you but when you shoot them a few times they scamper off.

The music is pretty nice very ambient and very atmospheric. There is quite a bit of funny (as in hilarious) dialog, one guy I had to rescue kept say "Is anybody going to rescue me or what" as I was exploring. Initial load time for me was just over 1 minute and since I'm used to BF2 that's nothing, it quick loads in about 10 seconds.

The PDA is quite good, got a lot of information and it keeps a diary of events, it's very well written in english and easy to read. There are a few things here and there that are a bit strange, like how people start panting as soon as they run and how the map works in the pda, mouse wheel zoom seems reversed

Currently playing fine with med details, 1280x1024, static lighting and looking good.
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