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Default Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Mike89
Some questions.

Does FSAA work? If so, are there in game options for it (and Aniso) or does it have to be done through the control panel?

How are the controls? Are they mapped like a typical fps like say FEAR or Far Cry?

Can all mouse buttons be mapped?

Can you save anywhere?
AA and AF are in the advanced menu but from what I can see AA only seems to work with static lighting.

Controls seem typical for fps game and can be mapped

I just tried with my 5 button logitech and it only detected 3 of them, source and bf2142 can pick up on the others. In stalkers defense I do not have setpoint installed.

F6 quicksaves

At the moment I am really trying to get settings right. I just had a game of mp and it was ok. We started off in the dark and then it became light as the day progressed, saw some guy get owned by a artifact which lit up the whole area at night.

I can play easily with static light and it looks reasonable. However with dynamic light you get shadows from objects and walls AND you get parallax/bump mapping and what looks to be specular on walls. It really does make for a better experience as walls look so flat with static lighting.

The weather and sound effects are great. You can see the lightning strikes in the distance and you see leaves blow across in front you. You can hear trees creaking, crickets chirping after rain, monster moaning, gun shots and screams in the distance even on mp maps. I tried turning everything up and have to say it's one of the best looking games I've seen.
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