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Default Re: Please help test the GeForce 8 "nv" driver.

OK, im in the game now - driver installed and working. Had to scratch my head for a while, because many of the packages that installer told are missing are just named differently in Ubuntu. For example "fonts-proto" (if I remember this name right from the installation) is x11proto-fonts-dev, etc. But Google is your friend :-)

At least for the first ten minutes everything seems to be working fine. Is there anything special I should do now to test the driver? Is there a some kind of suggested testing procedure, or something, or shall I just do things that I normally do with my computer and report the problems I find - or lack of them?

I forgot to tell that my monitor isn't exactly something that one would imagine to stretch the driver to it's limits - a 17'' CRT :-) You see, I'm in the middle of upgrading my system and I already have bought the new graphics card - a GeForce 8800 obviously - but I'm still looking for a monitor that suits me best. Does this unbalanced configuration of hardware limit the value of my input? Should I hurry my search for a new monitor? :-)
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