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Default Nforce 680i driver questions

I bought an Nforce 680i board last weekend, and I'm running nothing but Linux on it. Part of my decision to get it was that from researching a bit, it looked like all the stuff is now driven by open source drivers.

I've been having a certain stability problem, however: it looks like my sata controller drops out sometimes. I'll be using the system, and for no reason other than me randomly accessing it, anything wanting disk io blocks forever. I think I might be suffering from this problem:

My board is the Abit IN9 32x-Max and it deviates from the reference design though. I'm running the newest Abit bios from March 7th, and it still happens.

Is there any info on this from the nv people?

Even further, this has been making me think about the oss drivers for the things on this board in general. For example, how good is forcedeth? I'm using it now, and its ok in casual use. But I'm wondering if it might be a hack job that performs way worse than say Nvidia's Windows driver, for example?

I'm wondering the same for the sata driver. I'm using sata_nv as comes with Ubuntu 6.10. According to, newer Nforce chipsets use ahci. But it seems the kernel still uses sata_nv. According to this, this chipset actually DOESN'T do ahci.

I don't mind using the sata_nv driver if its ok -- but is it? Does it implement NCQ and all that nice stuff?

This post is kind of broad, but in googling and searching these forums, I haven't found satisfactory answers to my questions. Thanks!
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