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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

But there are 1000s of people online at any given time all on the same server(s), right? And you can interact with any of them at any time in any of the towns right?

You guys get your panties tied up way too tight with these labels. Does it really matter? Are MMOs everywhere somehow brought down a peg because this game doesn't fit the "traditional" model of an MMO? Is WoW any less of an MMO because of it?

What the eff is the big deal?


A Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG or MMO) is a computer game which is capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously, and is played on the Internet. Typically, this type of game is played in a giant persistent world.

MMOs can enable players to compete with and against each other on a grand scale, and sometimes to interact meaningfully with people around the world. Most MMOs require players to invest large amounts of their time into the game. Most MMOs require a monthly subscription fee, but some can be played for free
Hmm...sounds like that describes both GW and WoW.
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