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Originally posted by leibold
1 GB of RAM for the SuSE 8.2 install is fine (that's what I have in mine). It's more likely a problem with the video card. Isn't the FX5800 one of those with multiple video channels ? Perhaps the output appears on the wrong one (not the one were your monitor is attached).
On the Radeon 7500 that I had in the system at install time the same picture appeared on both the VGA and the DVI output.
I use a Radeon 9700 Pro, and haven't experienced any problems with it, yet. Even after Drake installed, and booted to the LILO boot screen, it wouldn't boot unless I selected the Linux FSA (? I think it said FSA...) option. By adding that line (linux mem=128M), I could select Linux from LILO choices and boot normally. The symptom I would get was a black screen, with the Caps Lock and Scroll Lock lights on the keybd flashing.

I'm still very much a Linux Newb, so forgive me if my answer seems vague. I could find where I added that line if you want to try it.
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