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Default Re: Yay! March 27th is almost here for BluRay Owners

Originally Posted by superklye
spend $800+ on a BD player for a single title.
Just $499 or $599 for the PS3 and it's regarded as one of the better blu-ray players. Still, a lot to pay for a single title though.

Originally Posted by 1337_Like_ThaT
March of the Penguins Documentary and Relentess Enemies (also for HD DVD), and Incubus 'Alive at Red Rocks' are coming out 3/27 I've been waiting for these titles for some time now, especially Relentess Enemies, National Georgraphic specials look astonishing on broadcast HD, could only imagine how they are on BluRay
Yeah, I hope the March of the Penguins turns out well. I have the DVD version of it and like it. I'll have to read up on the Relentless Enemies though since I'm not very familiar with it.

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
I think 1337 may have meant Happy Feet though?
Maybe so but March of the Penguins is pretty good if you haven't seen it. You might want to rent it though since it definitely won't appeal to everyone.
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