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Originally Posted by supra
do you just hate the IDE itself or flash in general?

i luv flash. its awesome. what other way is there to make a website more dynamic?
Ajax + server-side pages. And hell, I'd even settle for Flex (because while it's final product is Flash, almost 99% of the work is done in MXML, an XML-based proprietary language).

I hate Flash because it's such a royal pain in the ass...the constant need to add a new layer and if you forget, you may have just f00ked a bunch of work depending on when you catch it.

ActionScript can (and oftentimes does) go's not structured enough.

Every time you click or change the tool you're using or hit ctrl + enter to test the movie, the project is labeled as being "changed" so if I leave for a minute, come back and see that, I get nervous if I don't remember exactly what it was I just did.

Besides that, I think Flash is HIGHLY abused. Flash-based websites are terrible when it comes to accessibility and usability as most force you into watching stupid animations as the pages change, the back button on your browser doesn't work and screen readers may as well not exist.
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