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Default Re: I hate Flash

Originally Posted by superklye
Ajax + server-side pages. And hell, I'd even settle for Flex (because while it's final product is Flash, almost 99% of the work is done in MXML, an XML-based proprietary language).
ok true to some extent but it really depends on what needs to be done.
would u use ajax+ss pages for a complex animated intro screen that a client wanted?.

Originally Posted by superklye
ActionScript can (and oftentimes does) go's not structured enough.
i agree with you on that point

Originally Posted by superklye
Besides that, I think Flash is HIGHLY abused.
agree with you there too. but sometimes when i go to a website for a new movie or game etc. i wanna see some fancy animations and special effects/sounds and just a really interactive website.

Originally Posted by superklye
Flash-based websites are terrible when it comes to accessibility and usability as most force you into watching stupid animations as the pages change,the back button on your browser doesn't work and screen readers may as well not exist.
but thats poor design from the webdesigner not flash itself. alot of websites offer html or flash version of the site. As for screen readers, again thatsto do with the way the site was designed.
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