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Default Re: Nforce 680i driver questions

Originally Posted by xwred1
I bought an Nforce 680i board last weekend
Hmm. If you're able to return it, then you might want to consider doing so and getting an ~equivalent board from ASUS or Tyan. The reason is that, at least from my perspective, those two vendors are very responsive to Linux customers. However, I can't confirm that first-hand, since I don't have any boards made by them presently. Ask around.

I've been having a certain stability problem, however: it looks like my sata controller drops out sometimes.
It looks like you have a Silicon Image eSATA controller onboard. Unfortunately, that won't provide a non-nForce internal SATA alternative. If you keep the board, then you may want to pick up a PCI[e] SATA controller card.

My board is the Abit IN9 32x-Max and it deviates from the reference design though. I'm running the newest Abit bios from March 7th, and it still happens.
Contact Abit. Stress that you want prompt attention if you're considering returning the board.

Even further, this has been making me think about the oss drivers for the things on this board in general. For example, how good is forcedeth?
IME, it's fine, but I'm only using 100Mbit max. Also, avoid NAPI (new kernel API).

I don't mind using the sata_nv driver if its ok -- but is it? Does it implement NCQ and all that nice stuff?
No NCQ, last I checked. I'm using an onboard JMicron 20360/20363 SATA controller instead on my board, which does work with NCQ and the ahci driver on Linux.

Good luck.
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