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Default Re: ***Official XBL Marketplace Thread***

I know it might sound like a "take my privacy away!" statement, but I wish XBL marketplace capitalized on some of it's potential

I wish XBL kept stats about how many people who download a demo go out and buy the game. I know lots of people (me me me!) download demos cause they are bored and have no intention of ever buying the thing. That's inherant. But I think if Microsoft actually kept some statistics about demo play vs game purchase on an individual level, the game industry could get more encouraged to release higher quality demos for some things. I've played some pretty horrid demos, sometimes that cooresponds to some pretty horrid games, and with no real hardcore stats I don't think that's ever going to change

Originally Posted by eD
Maybe the guys at Shugashack should play around with their gamma correction just a little bit because most of the screenshot are so dark you can't get an idea of what this game is really going to look like
In reference to Doom 3 screenshots from 2001
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