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Default Planning on switching cards, questions.

I'm hoping I'm asking in the right place.

I'm switching from a FireGL T2-128 (AGP, Radeon 9600-based core).

My box is a Sempron +2200 with 2GB RAM. I primarily run Kubuntu Edgy, but I have a small WinXP partition "just in case".

I'm thinking of moving to a GeForce AGP 6600 or 7600 (they're about 50 bucks apart on Newegg), and I was hoping I'd find someone who's been in this situation. (e.g. switching)

I primarily run Blender on this machine, and that's really where I'm hoping to get performance gains.

1. How big of a jump, performance-wise, could I expect? Am I gonna be more limited by my processor than video card in this situation? (I plan on using blender's sculpting tools, but I'm not sure if a faster video card helps them)

2. How good is support for :
a. XvMC (is there any for H.264, similar to Purevideo in Windows? The last thread I saw on the subject was dated over a year ago)
b. AIGLX e.g. Compiz/Beryl. Can I run a 3D app in that environment without expecting a massive (over 50%) performance drop?
c. A 2nd X session with 3D accell (I heard this was only a problem with the fglrx driver)

Any information, either as an answer to questions asked here, or otherwise, would be greatly appreciated.
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