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Default Quadro NVS285 card on red hat7.3 with NVIDIA driver doesn't work

I am trying to install the 1.0-9755 driver ,but the installer aborted.
I also tried to install the driver that was older than 1.0-9755 was the result
as follows.

# sh ./

The result from 1.0-8776 to 1.0-9746 that the installer aborted.
The result was older than 1.0-8776 that didn't aborted, but it told me that
I need NVIDIA_lernel.
Then I tried to install as follows, but failed

# sh ./ --kernel-source-path=2.4.32

I don't know what the problem is .
I am running kernel 2.4.32 on Red hat7.3 .
Does this kernel version or Red hat7.3 have any problem. Or am I having some failed dependency.
Please help.
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